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Free Exit Interview Program

Like all employee feedback, exit interviews are a component of a suite of tools used to capture insights from a workforce. Exit interviews can be simple, but deploying them is complex. Use our reliable exit interview template and deliver it online with ExitPro – for free. For real. For you.

What is it?

Reliable Employee Exit interviews are the most effective tool to determine why a staff exit occurs in an organization. With a data series across separations, you can reduce turnover, decrease costs, and ultimately predict who will leave. In fact, no other instrument is more effective at achieving this goal. Until the employee departs, everything else is guessing.

It’s so important, we think everyone should be able to deliver a valid and reliable exit interview.

How do I apply?

If you qualify for the Exit Interview Program, you will be able to conduct exit interviews exclusively with the most innovative ExitPro Exit Interview Software– for free. Just Apply.

If your business qualifies, you will receive a link to the pioneering exit interview software ExitPro and a unique access code within 2 business days. The proven exit interview template is already loaded into ExitPro. You can sign in and begin to send web-based exit interviews right away.

What do I get?

  1. At least 10 Free Exit Interviews in English, up to 50 Free Exit Interviews (see below)
  2. Unlimited Web-based email invitations, only a completed exit interview counts
  3. Activity Dashboard to monitor recent sent, started, and completed exit interviews
  4. Individual response reports by question and answer (stored online, or PDF to email or print)
  5. Raw Data report to export your data (in MS Excel format)
  6. Secure access to cloud platform for all completed responses
Web Exit Online Exit Survey

With ExitPro, deploy a survey in minutes and just focus on executing the software’s actionable insights to reduce turnover



What are the Application Requirements?

In order to apply for the Free Exit Interview (EI) Program, you must be/or provide:

  • A “company”, “organization”, or “education” email address
  • Organization with a Registration/Tax/Employer ID
  • Located in a region not under US Government Sanction

Start with 10 FREE Exit Interviews

Some organizations receive additional Free Exit Interview (stackable) credits along with the free 10 credits, including:

Small Businesses (Under 50 Employees)

+5 Free Exit Interviews

Select Association Members

+15 Free Exit Interviews


+20 Free Exit Interviews

Farm or Farming Collective

+20 Free Exit Interviews

County/State/Province/National Government

+20 Free Exit Interviews

Environmental/Renewable Services

+25 Free Exit Interviews

Organic/Sustainable Products

+25 Free Exit Interviews

Student Projects in TM,OD,HR,I/O Psych

+25 Free Exit Interviews

Educational Institutions (K-12,BoE,ESD)

+30 Free Exit Interviews

Services for people with Disabilities

+40 Free Exit Interviews