Exit Interview Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About the Exit Interview Program

Questions about the Free EI Program

1. Is this program really free? Why is it free?

There is zero cost associated with the Free Exit Interview Program. To ensure fair and equal access, you must meet program requirements to get free exit interviews.

With this program your company has access to the Basic version of ExitPro with a limit on the number of exit interviews completed.  You can upgrade at any time to take advantage of additional features such as: sending more exit interviews, advanced reporting, SMS texting, expert support to analyze data, employee separation management, internationalization, and customization of exit interview questions.

Some clients see value and upgrade. Upgrades have charges, which creates revenue. The revenue pays for the following: people, servers, rent, internet access, escape rooms, fresh fruit, video games, exotic tastings, staff training, bubble tea, large stuffed animals, plant care, wait…what was the question? Well, if you don’t want the extra features, you don’t pay.

2. Do my Exit Interview credits ‘expire’?

You have 12 months to use your credits. So GO GO GO!

3. What if I want to customize the exit interview questions?

ExitPro is a highly customizable platform with many different options.
Upgrading from the Free Exit Interview Program to the full version of ExitPro will allow you to customize exit interviews with industry and/or company-specific questions. 

4. What about saving my data and reporting?

It’s your data, you should have it. The Free Exit Interview Program uses ExitPro software as a platform to deliver exit interviews online. Users can instantly generate reports using ExitPro. If you discontinue the program, the data is still yours to keep. Save to PDF, export to Excel, print in triplicate, it’s always your data.

5. In what other languages can I send Exit Interviews?

For a charge, you can send exit interviews in Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, German, French, Korean, Hebrew, Turkish, or Italian.

6. What if my employees do not have access to the internet?

The Free Exit Interview Program allows you the option of printing a paper copy of the exit interview to be distributed. You can then enter the answers into ExitPro, to capture data and report responses.

7. What if I have a question or a problem?

The software comes with a User Guide, Info Bars, Tooltips, How To’s, videos AND after all that, unlimited email support. If you want, you can contact us now with any questions.