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What are Exit Interviews

An Exit interview (EI) is an interview conducted when an individual separates from a relationship. Most often between Employee: Employer, Member: Association, or Student: Institution. Exit interviews provide insight on why they leave, what they valued from the organization when there, and what areas, if improved, would increase performance or loyalty.

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Reduce Turnover using Exit Interviews

Exit interviews are the single most powerful instrument to pinpoint the issues that drive members, students, or employees to separate from organizations. A well-designed exit form enables an organization to capture valuable insight into the member/student/employee experience and assess the morale and disposition of existing individuals

Effective exit interviews help to ensure that you have the information you need to reduce turnover. Why are people leaving? Which individuals are leaving? Are we losing top talent? Are we hiring or attracting the right people? These are all critical questions that an organization faces when deploying an exit interview process

How effective are in-house Exit Interviews?

Whether in-house or outsourced, exit interviews are only effective when they are properly executed. A poorly executed exit interview can cause both the individual and the organization to feel negatively about the termination of the relationship

47% of companies now outsource some work to Human Resource Consultants that specialize in those services. Outsourcing can be beneficial to a company by reducing time, increasing consistency and quality, and cutting costs. Outsourcing the exit interview is especially beneficial due to the sensitivity of the subject and the bias which can affect exiting individual’s answers. Research indicates that individuals give different answers to their employer than they do to a third party. Independent exit interview companies can facilitate a neutral atmosphere that encourages employees to share their views about the company openly and honestly.

Outsourcing Benefits

Employees freely express thoughts

Analysis done by experts

Refined solutions to reduce turnover