Exit Interview Template

Conduct Employee Exit Interviews

Exit Interview Template

The exit interview is the single most powerful instrument to pinpoint the issues that drive employees to separate from their employer.  At only this time in the Employee Life-Cycle you can accurately capture, “Why do our employees leave?” At all other stages of an employee’s tenure, this answer is theoretical. When an employee resigns, it is measurable.

The Quintessential Exit Interview

Service providers which specialize in conducting employee exit interviews have the skills and knowledge to properly conduct exit interviews and help companies gain useful information about employee turnover. Use a standardized exit interview template that has been researched and tested to ensure validity in the exit interview process—then you know that you aren’t wasting valuable time and resources.

Here is a preview of  some exit interview questions you would see in the free template

Q1. How long have you thought about leaving?

This question is included in exit interview template. The reason this exit interview question is important to exit survey because it reveals intervention window available to you. Knowing when employees consider quitting focusses  your retention strategy on the time frame for greatest impact

Q2. Would you consider returning to <CompanyName> in the future?

Your free exit interview includes this question. Using the exit interview form to determine which employees are interested to return after they quit, you identify boomerang employees sooner. Armed with the knowledge of which staff to engage after separation, you increase the chances of bringing the good employees back.